School’s technology upgrade features new digital intraoral scanners

February 10, 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ann Arbor, Mich., Feb. 10, 2021 – Students and faculty at the School of Dentistry are using the latest in digital technology this semester after new equipment was purchased and integrated into the curriculum at the recommendation of the school’s Dental Technology Committee. Nineteen digital intraoral scanners were purchased last fall and implemented on a …

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Dental School, Engineering collaborate to track spread of aerosols in clinics

December 15, 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Romesh Nalliah, associate dean for patient services at the School of Dentistry, faced many daunting questions. Among them: How many patients could the school safely treat in its multi-chair dental clinics and how could it best protect patients and providers from coronavirus during appointments? “It was March and April,” …

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First newly renovated clinics open as part of school’s Blue Renew project

November 9, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 9, 2020 – Over the past two months, the dental school has opened newly renovated clinics that are part of Blue Renew, the four-year renovation and expansion project at the school. Last week, the school opened a new pre-doctoral education clinic, the Victors West (Maize) clinic, in the northwest corner of …

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School conducts COVID-19 antibody testing

June 11, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ann Arbor, Mich., June 11, 2020 – The School of Dentistry has joined a national effort to increase antibody testing related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, the school began testing local front-line healthcare workers, and more recently expanded to a wider community including all faculty, staff, and students of the School of Dentistry as …

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Student Profile: Joseph Samona

March 26, 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes This profile is one in a series highlighting School of Dentistry alumni, donors and students. Note: This profile’s photographs, by Leisa Thompson Photography, were taken in February before local, state and national advisories on social distancing and other restrictions were put in place because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Anita Stewart is relaxing comfortably in a …

joe samona

Dental School Expands Treatment Services for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

January 31, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ann Arbor, Mich., Jan. 31, 2020 – The School of Dentistry is expanding its resources for the treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea. The condition causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep. It occurs when a person’s throat muscles intermittently relax and block the airway during sleep. It is a potentially serious …

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ADEA journal cites Nalliah paper as one of its 10 best in 2019

January 13, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ann Arbor, Mich., Jan. 13, 2020 – A paper published by Dr. Romesh Nalliah, Associate Dean for Patient Services at the School of Dentistry, has been cited as one of the 10 best articles of 2019 in the Journal of Dental Education (JDE). Nalliah, a clinical professor at the dental school, described how patient service …

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